Patagonia Retro Khaki Pants for Women

One of the chic designers that has fashioned a line of casual attire for women that is both trendy but comfortable is Patagonia. Their Retro Khaki Pants for women are a little unusual as we have come to think of khaki because they are khaki in color, not in fabric. Retro Khakis by Patagonia are actually made from organic cotton corduroy and not cotton twill as you would expect to see.

These casual khakis are slim fitting and come in sizes from 24 to 32 (waist measurement) which equates to sizes 0 through 14, or X-Small, Small, Medium and Large. According to consumer reviews, Patagonia Retro Khakis fit true to size, and are extremely comfortable. They are also saying that the product description does not do these slacks justice. They are, without a doubt, some of the most comfortable pants that are on the market.

If you are looking for cotton twill khaki pants, Patagonia khakis are not what you are looking for. The Retro Khaki style, as mentioned, is fashioned with corduroy, but they are among the best fitting and most durable slacks you will find on the market. They may be a little pricier than other khakis, but Patagonia uses only organic cotton and the company has established a name for providing quality clothing. The company has been in business many years so it is a name you can trust. When looking for khakis that have a style of their own, Patagonia Retro Khaki Pants for women may be just what you need.