Breaking News – LASER COIN BALANCE Review


🎯AB will be converted VIA the Converter feature
💡Anybody who wants to make it will be able to (without us pushing)
💰A proximate sum for conversion will be 1 token = 5$ from AB

What those tokens for? 🤔
– There will be a limited amount of them pre-sale at the ICO start
– Those tokens people exchanged from their LO AB will be able to bring them profits (details will follow)
– You will be able to buy new tokens as well (in order to increase LO. Account Balance (AB) tokens growth so it will be as a “bonus” for those who passionately waited for it)

Anybody who will decide not to convert their Account Balance (AB) will have to wait for LOP platform to be restored and back to normal (uncertain).

📍 IMPORTANT NOTE: Any user at L.O.P with an active available balance at his/her account should be fully responsible for their actions as a community member. Due to our “Risk Disclosure” (located at the homepage footer down below the website) & Terms & Conditions agreement, we warn you that anybody involved at the harmful activity (spreading FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt), spamming, flooding or else) against Laser Online will lose any recovery tool and will not be able to convert his/her available balance into new tokens. Those users who will decide to force their way out, should think twice before you publish any negative comment at the social media as we always were clear with our policy and never provided any guarantees to our clients at any shape of form.

You are the decision maker, you’ve the choice now to either waste here your valuable opportunity or, choose to remain supportive & patient along with the whole LOP community. Something new soon we are going to offer and is already under the hood “being lubricated” as we speak.

💪 So be ready, hold tight & watch the progress happening in the next couple of weeks.