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Merchantshares All wallet balance can be withdrawn instantly (21/11/2017)

Merchantshares All wallet balance can be withdrawn instantly (21/11/2017)

We see couple of questions in FB Group, which is address as follows:

(1) Withdrawal options
=> All wallet balance can be withdrawn instantly.

(2) Fully functioning of new upgraded site
=> We have to work on following things to be done:
1- Enable Investment page (within 24 hours)
2- Statistics Page (For transparency of deposit, withdraw, Purchase, Gift Cards, use of MST etc) (within 48 hours)
3- Buy/sell of MST like in Exchange (within couple of week)
4- Crypto payment methods to add (within couple of week)

(3) Profit system in new program
=> It will be the range of 0.25% to 2.25% (based on the real trading).

(4) Amount to be adjusted in new system from existing fund
=> You can use MST with new funding with 10% from MST balance.
If you deposit $100, you can use $10 from MST and total investment will be $110

(5) What can be done with MST, I need to USD to withdraw ?
=> MST are digital asset value of your balances, being fair to members we have converted MST based on loss, profit and more profit category.
Now MST will be converted to USD in following ways:
1- Use of MST with new funding (Profit will be withdraw Instantly)
2- New funding 10% money goes to buy MST from members (We will publish statistics page)
3- 100% of MS’s net profit will used to buy back MST from members (Calculated monthly)
4- Buy/Sell MST in Exchange platform (within couple of week)

(6) If MS is now Crypto company, why to view Advertising now ?
=> As per company rule to make your MST active and Additional source of income which can help to buy more MST from members showing Advertising statistics to Advertiser Partners.

(7) What is the Guarantee of MS that our money is used in real Cyrpto trading and MS will be recover the problem and will be as strong as previous ?
=> Due to some consequences with payment method, site hacked and stole of funds, owner/management change along with company activity, we are almost dead and instead of dead we come back to real MS business which was very good in past. MS just need to go back one investment cycle complete then MS will have same funding as company profit.

Let me explain you in simple word:
Member invest $100, after return back of 150%, i.e $150, member’s initial funding will going to company account and net profit will used to buy back MST from members. The more existing member or new member invest/refer, the faster MS can be buy back MST from members.

MS need only one time trust as members did in past to become as strong as before and everything will be back to normal or we are all dead and no other option except declaring bankrupt and shutdown the business which we can do it now but we like to help all members back and seeking help from member too.

Please post all your questions in Facebook Group with the help of FB Admin’s (none of them are MS staff, they are member like you who invest/refer/know more about how MS works) in pinned post and we will reply once in a day and publish in news.

Stay tuned with news updates.
Sorry for inconvenience caused.