Breaking News back with Crypto Investment Business (Original MS Business) with MS Token (MST) back with Crypto Investment Business (Original MS Business) with MS Token (MST)

As we all know Payment Method Company have created trouble on MS accounts with them, first Neteller, then BTC-e closed, then OKPAY after acquired by MoneyPolo.
We tried our best possible way with talking with Payment Method Company, Lawyers and Management Team, and we converted the company activity to Advertising Company but this also does not help much with the Compliance Department of Neteller and OKPAY.
So we have decided to go back to original business of MS which it was doing very good with no complaints by a single member.

We like to give example of BTC-E company, It was seized by USA Government but they are back to business with new name WEX on having Token and doing very good with member’s trust, likewise we are expecting members trust to grow MS again as strong as it was before in Crypto Investment Business.

MS came back with Crypto Investment Business (the original MS) with MST conversion.
MS will have profit on Investment Amount minus operational expenses when member’s Investments are expired, as we pay only 150% of the return to members (This is the core profit generation strategy by the company, this is why MS never need to shut down)

We like to inform you that site is live with Crypto Investment Business.
We have 5 investment sectors: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Crypto Coins, Digital Assets

How current MS is back to Crypto Investment Business with MST conversion:
Migration cutoff date is 1st October, 2017 (After this date, Deposit and Gift Received balance are as Wallet Balance, those are in your accounts ready to withdraw)
Deposit = Deposit from payment method + gift card received.
Withdraw = Withdraw to payment method + gift card send.
Not Profit = Withdrawn from MS less than 100% of their deposit amount.
Profit = Withdrawn less than 150% of their deposit amount.
More Profit = Withdrawn more than 150% of their deposit amount.

1- BTC-e, Neteller, OKPAY cancelled investments return back to normal for MST purpose (we are writing off the loss to company account).
2- Then, All old Investments (original MS) and Advertising Packages (Advertising Company)’s Profit is transferred to wallets, then cancellation of active Investments and Advertising Packages with full return of future profit to wallets, then transferred all commissions to wallets.
3- Then, All wallet balances are converted to MS Token (MST).
4- What is MS Token (MST)?
=> MS Token (MST) are the Digital Assets of your old Investments and Advertising Packages Value that you have with MS.
5- How MS Token (MST) is converted?
– Wallet Balance of $1 = 1 MST to those who are in Not Profit.
– Wallet Balance of $5 = 1 MST to those who are in Profit.
– Wallet Balance of $10 = 1 MST to those who are in More Profit.
6- How can you keep MS Token (MST) active?
– To make your MST active you have to views ads.
– Minimum 3 ads views to max 25 views per day based on MST value.
– You can use subscription to avoid per day ads views.
– MST inactive for 365 days will be result to Zero MST.
7- What can be done with MS Token (MST)?
Active MST can be used as following:
– While you do new Investment then you can use MST value as USD up-to 10% of your investment amount. (Example: If you deposit $100 you can use $10 from MST balance and new Investment will be $100 + $10 = $110)
– MST can be traded (buy/sell) to wallet balances.
8- Now members can do new deposit and instant withdraw from crypto investments as before with no problem.
9- Deposit, Withdraw, Purchase Investments, MST used transaction will be published in realtime.
10- All the trading performance report will be publish onwards for the transparency (monthly).
11- Net Profit (after investment are expired, investment amount will be company profit) minus the operational cost, It will be used to buy back the MST back by the company to recover the loss to the members (calculated monthly).
12- 10% of MS revenue will be used to buy back MST.
13- Referral commissions is 5% as before (on newly deposited funds only, not in repurchase).
14- Alternative Profit Generation methods are created for hard working members such as Deposit proofs, Withdraw proofs, Blogs on MS publish to get rewards.
15- MST based Trading System (buy/sell) to wallet balances will be introduced within 30 days.
16- MST based Lottery and Lucky Draw will be introduced within 90 days.
17- All the 2FA configured to Mobile Phone and Email Address are disabled, Please reconfigure it.

Stay tuned with news updates.
Sorry for inconvenience caused.

-MS Management