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Welcome to MicrosBit Company The company was established practically simultaneously with the appearance of the notion of crypto-currency as we saw its enormous potential and won in the long run We can help you by providing the necessary platform. MicrosBit Company is modern investment company. The company’s business is closely related to trading activity in the multi-currency Forex market, as well as on the Stock Exchange. Our company also offers a high-return investing in promising start-ups and digital currency known as Bitcoin, Etherium and other crypto-currency. Currently, MicrosBit Company is entering into a new phase of its development. Since we have begun to get stable and high profit we need new investment interactions. Our company has developed and launched an online platform for investors that allows making deposits and regular accruals of profits in automatic mode. This will help us to multiply our present profit level many times. The Company is attracting investments to benefit from the effect of scale – the higher the investment, the higher the return.

1.1% Daily for 5 days (Principal back)
Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)
Plan 1 $10.00 – $49.00 1.10
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1.3% Daily for 7 days (Principal back)
Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)
Plan 2 $50.00 – $99.00 1.30
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1.5% Daily for 10 days (Principal back)
Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)
Plan 3 $100.00 – $200.00 1.50
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All payments are made Instanly.
Minimum spend is $10 and maximum $200
You may make an additional spend as many times as you like.

Use our referral program and earn up to 1.00% of referral deposits!

Our first level referral bonuses:

Name From To Commision (%)
Level A 1 and more 1.00

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