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Dear Investor!

Below is the information about available personal account activities.

Investment Plans:

You can invest in our company in accordance to the Investment Plan you choose.

Each Investment Plan has special investment conditions.

You can choose Investment Plan making a principal.

1) Starter Plus: Rate – 1.6%. Minimum principal – 10$. Principal time – 180 days.

2) Regular Plus: Rate – 1.8%. Minimum principal – 100$. Principal time – 180 days.

3) Advanced Plus: Rate – 2%. Minimum principal – 1000$. Principal time – 180 days.

4) Private – Individual Investment Plan. You can specify conditional terms on request.

Profit is not accrued on weekends and holidays.(*)

You can get estimated income within selected Investment Plan using below calculator. Please note that possible income is calculated on the business day quantity basis within investment plan duration. Holidays and other nonbusiness days are not taken into account.(*)

Investment Compounding

Way of payment:

You can choose any appropriate way of payment. There are Perfect Money, AdvCash and OkPay systems payment at the moment.

There are Dollar, Euro, Bitcoin currency principals. Enter them in the “Profile” menu.

You can also make a payment on the company bank account (BANK WIRE).

Adding funds to the balance (Invest):

You can make a funds in “Profile” menu:

1) Tap on “INVEST”.

2) Choose any appropriate way of payment.

3) Enter the desired sum.

4) Confirm.

Making a Deposit:

Once you’ve added funds to your balance, you can make a principal in “Deposits” menu, click on “New Deposit”.

You need to choose a currency of your balance sheet, Investment Plan and sum making a deposit. And also you choose compounding function (“to turn on/off”).

Making a profit:

After choosing an appropriate Investment Plan and principal, profit is charged daily in accordance with the Investment Plan. All principal information you can see in “Deposit” menu.

“Compounding” is a complicated profit. You can “turn on/off” this function choosing the principal.

If you “turn on” Compounding function:

Daily profit is charged and saved until the Investment Plan expiring (“Total Invested” menu).

Next day profit is charged on the sum pointed in “Total Invested” menu, and so every day until the Investment Plan expiring.

If you “turn off” Compounding function:

Daily principal profit is charged in “Available Balance”. There is a sum you can back anytime you wish.

In this case the sum in “Total Invested” menu is permanent and profit is charged in “Available Balance” menu until Investment Plan expiring. Than you can withdraw your profit or invest it again.

Promotion bonuses:

There is a promotion bonuses system for the customer funnel investors.

Everybody can make a profit not only investing, but attracting new investors.

How it works:

During registration, you get personal identification (promotional) code you can provide with everybody who wants to invest in our company to make a high profit. New investor points out your identification code during registration than information about him is going to be available in your personal account in “Downline” menu, and you will get a profit of his principal.

Promotion bonuses system consists of three levels.

The first level is the Investor you attracted.

The second level is the Investor attracted by the first level Investor.

The third level is the Investor attracted by the second level Investor.

You may attract so many three-level Investors as you wish.

Conditions for early withdrawal of the principal:

You can back your principal anytime you wish.

– in case you want to get your money back before 91 days of the Investment Plan basic validity period the profit is made on “Available balance” as the following: the principal minus 50% of made profit during the pointed period.

– in case you want to get your money back after 91 days of the Investment Plan basic validity period the profit is made on “Available balance” as the principal minus fixed penalty in accordance with the following:

– 91 – 100 day is 90% penalty of the principal;

– 101 – 110 day 80% penalty of the principal;

– 111 – 120 day 70% penalty of the principal;

– 121 – 130 day 60% penalty of the principal;

– 131 – 140 day 50% penalty of the principal;

– 141 – 150 day 40% penalty of the principal;

– 151 – 160 day 30% penalty of the principal;

– 161 – 170 day 20% penalty of the principal.

– 171 – 180 day 10% penalty of the principal.

After Investment Plan validity period expiring you get your principal back entirely.


1st of January. Happy New Year.

Innocent Pope decreed celebrating Happy New Year on 31st of December in 1691. The last evening of the year is called «Silvesterabend» or Saint Sylvester evening in Austria.

6th of January. Holy Manifestation of the Divinity of Our Lord and Saviour Christ.

The Twelfth day or Holy Manifestation of the Divinity of Our Lord and Saviour Christ is celebrated on 6th of January. It is an official holiday. This holiday is in honor of Our Lord.

27th of March Easter.

Easter or Resurrection Sunday is celebrated in Austria and means the Lent expiring. The first day of Lent is Ash Wednesday.

1st of May Eight Hours.

Eight Hours is celebrated on 1st of May. It is an official holiday. The first time the Austrians has celebrated this holiday in 1890.

15th of May The Pentecost.

The Pentecost is celebrated on the 50th day of Easter in honor of the Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles.

15th of August Assumption Day.

As the saying goes, Mother of God spent her last days in St. John`s the Evangelist house (one of the favorite Christ’s pupil).

26th of October National Day in Austria.

The Austrians celebrate National Day on 26th of October. The holiday history is associated with soviet forces withdrawal from Austria territory and in honor to neutrality declaration.

1st of November All Saints`s Day.

1st of November is observed in Western liturgical churches as a Christian feast in honor of all the saints. It is an official holiday.

8th of December Feast of Immaculate Conception.

Feast of Immaculate Conception Day is one of the main Feast of the Mother of God.

25th of December Christmas.

Christmas coming is so remarkable in Austria. Before 4 weeks until the Christmas the Advent starts.

26th of December St. Stephen`s Day.

St. Stephen`s Day is celebrated on 26th of December – the first Christian martyr.

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